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Lovearth is an environmental organization that's been creating awareness since 1988. For almost 8 years we have concentrated on disseminating truthful information, empowering solutions and direct actions on environmental and humanitarian concerns via the Internet. Our intent is to form a unity of one percent to stop our extinction through our growing network of 1000+ EcoHumanePolitical websites.

By reading two of our insightful studies, http://www.Rainforests.net and http://www.Overpopulation.net you will understand that we have passed the point of sustainability. In 1984 the per capita grain output peaked at 755 pounds per person. Since 1984, grain output has fallen on average by .6 percent yearly. The 2003 per capita grain output was 680 pounds. Oceanic Fish catch peaked in 1989. Since then, the per capita oceanic fish catch has gone down by 10%. All 17 major oceanic fisheries are being fished at or beyond capacity and 9 are in a state of collapse. Our species relentless shortsighted destruction to all Earth ecosystems coupled with the outright slaughter to the web of life have left us at the extinction or life fork in the road in our evolution.

In December 1987, when the exponential growth of human population peaked, we entered the 25 year window where we will cross our species Omega point. That window will close for our dance on the stage of life if we break through the critical barrier of 10% virgin Rainforests area / 50% Species in December 2012.

For the sake of our future generations, we must immediately heed the inherent limits of Mother Earth and strive for a harmonious sustainability. The time is now for each and every one of us to fully understand and recognize that if we do not radically change our corporate driven consumptive and destructive way of life, we will go extinct. With love in every moment we must do the best we can to help others understand these logical facts and connect the dots to form a unity of one percent.

Executive Director Lovearth.net
Mark R. Elsis

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